Lesson 1: Introduction

Laravel is a PHP web development framework developed by Taylor Otwell and was initially released in June 2011. According to a survey performed by Site Point, Laravel was the favorite choice of developers for both work and personal projects. Frameworks like Symfony (2005), CodeIgniter (2006), Cake PHP (2005) and many others have existed for a long time. How was Laravel able to beat all of them and become everyone’s favorite in such a short span of time? There is not one, but several reasons behind it:

  • Beautiful and expressive syntax. It makes coding fun and keeps you, as a programmer, happy. I believe this is the biggest reason of all. When your code looks beautiful, you feel like an artist.
  • Completely Object-Oriented. By being completely object oriented, it promotes code reuse and modular development of application.
  • Inbuilt support for common tasks. In Laravel, common tasks like authentication, sessions, routing, etc. are so easy you will feel like Wow! when you first learn about them. Laravel 5.1 even has support for social login and payments in built. Imagine how much time it will save for things that you require in almost every website these days.
  • Tools for advances development. Under the hood, Laravel provides many advanced features that you can use to make your life even easier. It has a lot to explore and each time you learn something new, you get same feeling of amazement.
  • Easy to Extend with Packages. Laravel and all its components are installed using Composer (you will learn about it soon). Composer makes it very easy to add new packages to your project.

There are many more which you will know about as you learn. I am sure, after you learn Laravel, it will be your preferred choice for any kind of project. Moreover, it will save you a lot of time and make you a better programmer.


Laravel Meme

Partly because of unhelpful documentation given on official Laravel website and partly because of non-intuitive design of Laravel, it has become a nightmare for beginners to learn. However, if presented properly, Laravel is easier than most PHP Frameworks. And that is why we are here. Easylara is our honest attempt to make Laravel a piece of cake to learn and become expert in.

We will start the learning process by setting up the development environment in next lesson.


Lesson 2: Setup Laravel Development Environment


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