User Registration – Insert Data

Now we have created a registration form. As we have defined the action of our form as user/createUser so we have to create a route for this url.

Notice the method of the route is POST as the method of our form is POST. To insert the data we will have to create a […]

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Database Connection

First create a database for your app. Once you create it then we need to assign the database connection setting in our app. We will assign the database configuration settings in database.php file located in app/config/database.php In this files you need to assign the host,username,password and database name. I am using MySQL, so I have […]

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App Intro

I believe we can learn something if we actually perform it practically.  To learn Laravel we will create a small application. In our app we will use Laravel routes Laravel controllers Laravel models Database CRUD operations Laravel blade templates Laravel Eloquent   App will have following modules User Registration User Login User Management Form Validations […]

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Routing in Laravel

Basic Routing Routing is the process by which we decide which method to call on the basis of request. We will write the routes in routes.php in app directory. If you will open your routes.php file you will see this code:

  Here return View::make(‘hello’); will execute when user will open root url of […]

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