Lesson 4: Laravel Application Structure

In the previous lesson Lesson 3: First Laravel Application we created our first Laravel Application. In this lesson, we are going to learn in detail about How a Laravel application is structured. It is very, very important for you understand Laravel Application architecture, otherwise you will get confused about how things are working later. So, read and understand this lesson carefully. […]

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Lesson 3: First Laravel Application

In this lesson, you will be creating your first Laravel application. Once you are done with the steps in Lesson 2: Setup Laravel Development Environment, its very easy to do this. 1. Creating “myFirstApp” Suppose the name of your first application is myFirstApp. 1. Open your Terminal and run the following command:

It will take a few […]

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Lesson 1: Introduction

Laravel is a PHP web development framework developed by Taylor Otwell and was initially released in June 2011. According to a survey performed by Site Point, Laravel was the favorite choice of developers for both work and personal projects. Frameworks like Symfony (2005), CodeIgniter (2006), Cake PHP (2005) and many others have existed for a long […]

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User Registration – Insert Data

Now we have created a registration form. As we have defined the action of our form as user/createUser so we have to create a route for this url.

Notice the method of the route is POST as the method of our form is POST. To insert the data we will have to create a […]

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